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Attorney Client Privilege, LLC, is a Twin Cities digital forensics, Internet and social media forensic preservation, and information security firm. Examiner Sean L. Harrington is experienced in child pornography investigations, the Adam Walsh Act, corporate investigations, domestic relations, and e-discovery best practices, and maintains professional certifications in computer forensics, information security, regulatory compliance, network engineering, and the LexisNexis CaseMap suite

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Digital Forensics, Computer Forensics, Mobile Forensics

Digital forensics is commonly used in both criminal law and private investigation. Traditionally it has been associated with criminal law, where evidence is collected to support or oppose a hypothesis before the courts. As with other areas of forensics this is often as part of a wider investigation spanning a number of disciplines. In some cases the collected evidence is used as a form of intelligence gathering, used for other purposes than court proceedings (for example to locate, identify or halt other crimes). As a result intelligence gathering is sometimes held to a less strict forensic standard.

In civil litigation or corporate matters digital forensics forms part of the electronic discovery (or eDiscovery) process. Forensic procedures are similar to those used in criminal investigations, often with different legal requirements and limitations. Outside of the courts digital forensics can form a part of internal corporate investigations.

At ACP, we have experienced digital forensics examiner with expertise in corporate fraud, labor disputes, domestic relations, child pornography, the Adam Walsh Act, electronic discovery, the work product doctrine, and the attorney client privilege. Our expert is available to serve not only as a digital forensics examiner, but also as an expert witness and court-appointed third-party neutral. Reference available upon request.

Smartphones & Tablets Forensics

Photos & Graphics, Videos, Text Messages, Address book, Call records

Mobile devices can be used to save several types of personal information such as contacts, photos, calendars and notes, SMS and MMS messages. Smartphones may additionally contain video, email, web browsing information, location information, and social networking messages and contacts often intentionally, and sometimes unintentionally. This holds true for almost all mobile devices, such as PDAs, SmartPhones and Tablets, e.g. iPhones, iPads. Our forensic experts specialize in the forensic retrieval of data from cell phones and other electronic devices in a manner that preserves the evidence under forensically acceptable conditions, ensuring that it is court-admissible.

Some data may be retrieved and examined during a mobile device forensic investigation, even after being deleted such as Photos & Graphics, Videos, Text Messages, Address book, Call records, notes.

A cell phone forensic investigation includes possible full data retrieval dependent upon the cell phone, PDA, or tablet model. Our mobile device forensic investigator will conduct a thorough examination of the data found on the device's SIM/USIM and any optional internal/external memories


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Facebook, Social Media, Web Archive and Internet Preservation


Data acquisition, preparation, preservation, and dissemination of social and behavioral data. Our social media preservation tools can capture data in wide variety formats include originals, PDFs, compress files from popular social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, waybackmachine.

Attorney Client Privilege, LLC

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Attorney Client Privilege, LLC

Sean L Harrington


I am an experienced digital forensics examiner with expertise in corporate fraud, labor disputes, domestic relations, child pornography, the Adam Walsh Act, The Electronic Communications Privacy Act, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, electronic discovery, the work product doctrine, and the attorney client privilege. My experience is drawn from the following disciplines: law, information technology, software engineering, regulatory compliance, risk management, and information security.  I am qualified to serve as a digital forensics examiner, expert witness, and court-appointed third-party neutral.  I have extensive experience in litigation support, including electronic discovery, the Rules of Evidence, the Rules of Civil Procedure, motions practice, pre-trial practice, and appellate practice.[1]  In addition, Attorney Client Privilege, LLC provides information security consulting for law firms and attorneys, including incident response, data breach prevention, network intrusion penetration testing, and security audits.
I maintain professional credentials and certifications in the areas of digital forensics (CHFI No. ECC930566), information security (CISSP No. 335034), regulatory compliance (CSOXP No. 00185), and network engineering MCSE, MCP+i, No. 977426). I have been certified since 2006 on the LexisNexis CaseMap suite.


Professional Organizations

 * withdrew from this position in 2011 pursuant to bylaws upon making services available for criminal defendants



[1] I am not licensed to practice law. Therefore, all services provided that are "legal" in character are available only to and under the direct supervision of attorneys licensed to practice in the jurisdiction where the work is to be performed.

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